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Fjallraven Art Kanken Event
Fjallraven Art Kanken Event

We gave 6 local artists a Fjallraven Kanken bag, the theme "Nature", some paint, and a few weeks to make a masterpiece.

Join us on November 1st from 5-8pm for our Kanken Art opening.

All 6 bags will be on display at GOS and up for silent auction. Proceeds for each bag will benefit a charity of the Artist's choice.

Bidding will start November 1st at 5pm and end on Sunday, November 10th at 5PM.

Follow us on Instagram @greatoutdoorstore for progress photos of the Kankens as they are being created!





Kathy Dang
Kathy Dang

Kathy Dang: A Minnesota native, Kathy moved to Sioux Falls to start her art education degree at Augustana. She's been teaching elementary art in Sioux Falls for 10 years. Kathy also enjoy gardening, traveling, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.

The money raised from Kathy's Bag will go to benefit the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Jenn Kruger
Jenn Kruger

Jenn Kruger is a mixed media artist working in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. For her, experimenting with a variety of materials began as a necessity and evolved into a form of reflection on the concepts of role and material value. Mediums as mundane as fabric patterns and even corrugated cardboard can be pushed past their conventional uses and transformed into artwork. With these components given new identities, viewers are challenged to reconsider their preconceived notions of these discarded items.

Her backpack design is inspired by aerial photos of salt ponds, topographical maps and the growth rings of trees.

The money raised from Jenn's Kanken will go to benefit the: Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

Cristina Kauffman
Cristina Kauffman

Cristina Kauffman is a Sioux Falls native and artist. She first began as a Printmaker, but found her medium in oil painting. She received her BFA in Painting from the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, and did a semester of Graduate study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her paintings and mixed media work are influenced by both the figure and nature. Her paintings blend geometric and organic forms in a playful and colorful style.

The money raised from the sale of Cristina's bag will go to benefit the Lifescape Foundation.


Brit Gaster
Brit Gaster

Brit is a high school art teacher, tennis coach, and artist is Sioux Falls, SD. She loves drawing, painting, mixed media, and dreaming up ideas. She grew up making art with her twin sister and father and loves teaching drawing and artistic thinking to young people. Pervasive imagery in her work include nature, butterflies, constellations, anatomy, and the interconnectedness of everything.

The money raised from the sale of Brit's bag will benefit Save our Monarchs.



Grace Vanderbush

My name is Grace & if I had to pick three words to describe myself they would be Jesus, art, & story-telling. I was homeschooled as a kid, so I was surrounded by family members who taught me about Jesus & the value of a good story. During the time spent listening to my family’s stories, I would draw, paint, & sculpt clay.  The connection between stories & artwork became ever more apparent & I started looking for ways to tie my two passions together. Now, I create illustrations & miniature sculptures inside necklace pendants for all types of people & places including authors, families, retail stores, & the National Park Visitor Centers. My artistic process is centered with the goal of designing imagery that reflects the God-given stories these people & places have to tell.  Currently, I illustrated & sculpt these custom pieces in my hometown of Canby, Minnesota, where I live with my husband, Jordan, thriving in the community that raised me.

Inspiration for Backpack:
Considering Kanken backpacks are designed for adventures, I wanted to bring that same spirit to my design. During the time I was brainstorming what I wanted to paint, I was also sculpting a series of necklaces for Saguaro National Park, which is the perfect place for adventure! From the prickly spikes of the Saguaro Cactus to the tiny grains of sand on the desert floor, I wanted to bring the shapes, colors, & energy of Saguaro to the Kanken backpack.  I hope whoever receives it is inspired to live a life full of adventure!

The money raised from the sale of Grace's bag will go to benefit the Antelope Hills Christian Church Building Fund

You can check out more of Grace's designs and work here and you can follow her on Instagram: @earth.clay

Liz Heeren
Liz Heeren

Liz Bashore Heeren earned an MFA in painting at the University of South Dakota in 2007, an MA in art theory at the University of Arizona in 2000 and a BA from Saint Olaf College in 1997.  Heeren is a full time professor for the University of South Dakota Art Department and director of Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce, downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 

Heeren’s current work incorporates elements of drafting and technical drawing in addition to traditional painting techniques. Each work explores the surprising, unpredictable relationships that result from the overlap of unlike elements. With a background in biology, Heeren finds inspiration in documenting zones of biological reconfiguration – often times resourcing areas of physical or mental shift.

The backpack:

I've been looking at Scandinavian design for many years. This varied and rich aesthetic greatly influences my own. So it seemed natural to resource my own Scandinavian roots and aesthetic to compliment an influential Swedish company. The bag reflects the cosmic realm and the natural surfaces and textures we traverse, such as grasses, ice and water. I wanted this bag to find an owner who had the desire to explore and find spiritual connection to our great planet. 

The money raised from the sale of this bag will go to benefit McCrossan's Boys Ranch


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