The Allpa 35L & Mikaela runs another 1/2

The Allpa 35L & Mikaela runs another 1/2

From Great Outdoor Store
The Allpa 35L & Mikaela runs another 1/2

Cotopaxi Allpa

I recently took a quick weekend trip to Arizona to run the Mesa Half Marathon (which I would highly recommend by the way; ask me about it sometime). Typically when I fly I just bring a standard carry-on size rolling suitcase, but I wanted to try something new for this trip. I have been eyeing the Cotopaxi Allpa since we got it in the store. I loved the fun colors and the overall convenience of traveling with a backpack. Not to mention, in the words of fellow GOS-er Izzy, I am a “Cotopaxi fan girl”, so it’s not too terribly difficult to convince myself to make the purchase. I am a bit of a nervous traveler (self induced), so I was anxious and excited to give this bag a try. 

The Specs
The Specs

The Cotopaxi Allpa is a compartmentalized suitcase-style travel pack. The Allpa’s shell is made from a blend of tough, TPU-coated 1000D polyester, with durable 840D ballistic nylon paneling. The pack comes with backpack straps as well as a removable hip belt to help distribute weight if needed. Once unzipped, the pack back has a large, zippered compartment on one size, and smaller organizational zipper compartments on the other. The backside of the pack has a zippered padded compartment designed to hold either a laptop or tablet. The top of the pack has a smaller, easily accessible pouch with pockets for organization as well. The pack also comes with it’s own rain cover. 

The Allpa pack is available in 35L, 42L, 50L, and 70L. I used a 35L, as it is Cotopaxi’s carry-on size. 

What I liked
What I liked

This bag can fit a lot of stuff, it’s amazing. I am a notorious over packer and was worried about whether I would be able to fit everything that I needed. The zippered pockets are excellent for organization, and helped me efficiently pack everything I needed for the race, traveling, and everyday while I was down there. I loved that I was able to use it as a backpack, and had both my arms and hands free.  I really liked the tough exterior of the Allpa; it made me feel better about stowing it and carrying it around without damaging the outside. The pack fit easily in an overhead compartment and I was able to navigate through airport security with ease. The top smaller pouch was my favorite, it was a convenient place to keep my chargers, headphones, snacks, and smaller things that needed to be easily accessible. 



What I Wish I Knew

I shopped a little (a lot) while I was in Arizona, and had a fair amount of things to bring home that I didn’t come down with. I was able to fit everything in, but the bag was pretty stuffed. I have a smaller frame, so it was a bit bulky for me to carry on the way home. I took the hip belt out before I left; but would recommend leaving it in and using it to help distribute the weight of the bag if you have a lot of things packed. 

Closing Thoughts

Overall, I am very pleased with the Allpa 35L and am excited to continue to use it. I would recommend it for shorter trips or if you are looking to travel minimally. If you are interested in something that will allow you to be hands-free and very organized, this is the travel pack for you. Come down to Great Outdoor Store and check it out!


Mikaela loves running, being outside, looking at the stars in her sleeping bag, and general tomfoolery. She can generally be found frolicking around in the grass or having a hard time sitting still. Catch her influencing the youth as a high school teacher and as summer camp counselor when she's not (perfectly) folding fleece at Great Outdoor Store.

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