Clothes for the Garden

Clothes for the Garden

From Great Outdoor Store

When I'm not working at Great Outdoor Store, I'm working around my small acreage outside of Lennox. We are the second family to live on the property that was homesteaded in late 1800's. Every spring brings a new checklist of tasks that need to be tackled in addition to planting and maintaining our over-sized garden. I spend a lot of time outside, and I know that comfortable clothes that preform and last are important. Earlier this spring Great Outdoor Store starting carrying a women's workwear brand called Dovetail. I got a pair of the Maven stretch denim pants and immediately put them to the test by spending the weekend tearing out old barbed wire fence. Not only were the jeans incredibly comfortable and stretchy, they also didn't snag or lose their shape.  (I can't say the same thing for my jacket which is now in need of a whole bunch of Tenacious Tape.) Most importantly, the rise in the back of the jeans comes up higher so I don't have worry about being charged with indecent exposure by my neighbors.

The best part about the Dovetail pants is that they are tailored for a woman's body--they aren't men's work pants in a small size. With the dark wash, they also look good enough to wear around town.

Dovetail Jeans, Arcade Belt, Blundstone Boots
Dovetail Jeans, Arcade Belt, Blundstone Boots

I do wear a belt with the pants. Normally I hate belts, but last year I got an Arcade belt and now I wear one every day. I like them so much I have have several that I just keep looped through my jeans. Since the belts are machine washable and TSA approved, I never risk losing it as it never leaves my pants.

Because I'm outside as much as I possibly can be, I'm pretty conscience about the sun. I always wear a hat and on super sunny days I wear long sleeves. My favorite T-shirts are the organic cotton Mainstay T's from Patagonia. Normally I would recommend that people wear a wicking fabric if they are going to be working outside, but these cotton T's are so lightweight that they dry out pretty quickly. Plus, I'm not in the back country or in a place where I can't find a dry shirt if I need one.  

 The final piece to my summertime working outside wardrobe is my Blundstone boots. I was a little hesitant to make this purchase. Blundstone boots are have having a bit of a moment and I get it. They look good with jeans, dresses, and most Instagram photos--but I also need them to hold up to mucking through the garden. We have been on the farm for 9 seasons and I think I have gone through 5 pair of Hunter boots in that time. There is nothing worse than walking around with wet feet--and so far this season my Blundstones have kept me dry. They are surprisingly comfortable, and I can work in them all day without fatigue.  Plus, all of my social media posts look amazing. I think I'm almost an ~influencer~.

Mainstay T's from Patagonia
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