Bali in April

Bali in April

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Bali in April

In less than a month I will board a plane in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After a few stops and 30 hours I will arrive in Denpasar, Bali. A year ago my husband and I were invited to celebrate a dear friend's 50th birthday with him and a few other friends; when someone invites you to Bail, you go to Bali!

Getting to Bali is an event on its own--sitting on a plane for 13 hours seems incredibly boring. My husband will take the sleeping pill route, while I plan on reading the giant book that Paul Ryen recommended to me after he gave his How to Travel talk on exploring the world. After that 13 hour flight, we have another 7 hour flight before we arrive in what I can only imagine to be a tropical paradise.

We will be gone for two weeks: one week on Bali with the group and the other week Jeff and I are heading over to a neighboring island, Lombok, to climb Mt. Rinjani. Or at least we will get to the crater lake as the summit hike has been closed since recent earthquakes on the island closed many of the trails. Lombok is touted as the prime destination if you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bali. It's a very short plane ride or semi-long boat ride to get there. We are leaving that detail to be worked out once we get there.

Generally, Jeff and I take a trip somewhere warm in February or March (or both) but this year we didn't because this is such an extended trip. Needless to say, that made this winter even longer. Planning for this trip and making preparations has been a fun distraction for me and is almost as exciting as getting on the plane. I LOVE to plan trips. I can spend hours looking at places on Aribnb and researching guiding companies. Things that aren't quite as interesting like figuring out how not to have a $2000 phone bill or if my debit card is going to work I leave up to Jeff. He loves that.

With all of those things behind me, I'm now in the pre-packing phase. Normally packing happens minutes before we leave for the airport. I throw a whole bunch of stuff in a bag and hope for the best. Sometimes that method works out and sometimes I have to spend precious vacation hours shopping for pants or shoes or underwear. I need to be a little more strategic this time as we are only carrying on our Patagoina MLCs. We have a very short connection in Seoul and don't want to risk losing a checked bag. I've traveled with this bag for 15 years! It's easily my favorite piece of luggage. It's big enough for the extra pair of shoes but not big enough to over pack. Plus, swimsuits and shorts don't take up that much space.

We do have some other fun activities planned with the group of friends like cooking classes, yoga classes, and volunteering at an animal rescue. There will also be lots of pool time and exploration of the island. I'm really, really excited about being on the opposite side of the world, experiencing a new culture, new food, and lots and LOTS of sun. Ask me about my trip if you catch me golden brown and grinning back in Sioux Falls!

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