Travel Expo 2019

Travel Expo 2019

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Travel Expo 2019

On February 21st over 75 people stopped down to our 3rd annual Travel Expo. The event takes place inside the store where we have five stations set-up with topics including travel safety, travel fabrics, health and water purification, luggage/packing, and a travel agent from All About Travel. Guests moved from stations to station to learning things like, Why is wool such a travel friendly fabric?, What luggage qualifies as a carry-on in Europe?, and What does RFID mean and why should I worry about it? During the evening we also held three short talks. Jamie from All About Travel talked about the merits of using a travel agent. Not only do they take care of all the big details, they also take  care of the small ones too.

Nancy talked about taking the road less traveled through alternative travel options. By getting off the beaten path and experiences the  for accommodations and experiences—this offers unique places to stay and most of the rates are inline with hotels in the area. The experiences tab gives you an idea of unique things to do in the area. This site relies on rating from hosts and visitors so you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting before you get there. is like Airbnb for camping/RV sites. Private property owners open up their land and allow you to camp. There are varying degrees of amenities offered at places which dictate the price of the site.

Work for Lodging Sites

While there are probably many more of these types of sites out there, Nancy had firsthand knowledge of these of the first two. All of these sites are based on user feedback, both from the host and the worker, so once again you have an idea of what you are getting into before you get there.—the original work for lodging website. This is an international organization which allows you to connect with organic farmers around the world and work in exchange for the food and lodging.—this is a workshare site like WWOOF, but is for almost anything—it can be project based or in a more permanent business like a bed and breakfast.—this is a site where you can become crew on a sailboat. Some of these are paid positions, but most of them are unpaid. You get to see the world from a completely different view! 

DeAnn gave a short presentation on staying healthy during your travels. Here are some of her tips and tricks for staying heathy:

We plan for months for our trip, thinking of all the places we will go and things we will do.  What we want to pack, etc.  But the most important thing that we want to think about in getting ready for a trip is Ourselves and how we need to make sure that we are healthy and comfortable during the trip to make the most of our vacations!

What to think about before you leave:

-Do you need vaccinations, if so get them done as early as possible

-Be ready to be on the go!  Start going for longer walks before your trip and get yourself   in shape

- Make sure you have a couple of pair of comfortable, broken in shoes.  Think about the terrain and weather when considering your footwear. Protection, Waterproof, etc.

-Boost your immune system with vitamins and healthy eating before your trip.  Vitamin A, D and C and probiotics can be a great place to start.

-Prepare a first aid kit to take with you.  Bandaids, antibiotic ointment, pain relief, allergy meds, antacids, antidiarrheal meds, sunscreen, hand san., insect repellent etc.

-Keep all personal meds in their original bottles and make sure to have them with you in your carryon.


Getting to your destination:  Often this is the most stressful, be prepared for security, give yourself plenty of time, be flexible, make it fun!

-Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer, clean the surfaces at your seat.

-If you are prone to motion sickness, eat lightly and take motion sickness meds or whatever helps you.

-HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!! And avoid alcohol.  Make it a game, drink so much each hour, before you land etc.

-Try to rest when you can.  Melatonin and help you sleep during travel and at your destination.

-Move your body often! Examples: arms, legs, neck roll, walking, wearing compression socks

You are Finally There!

-First thing get some fresh air and move your body to get your blood pumping.  Spend some time outdoors if you can.

-Get plenty of rest, again melatonin can help you adjust to time changes

-Pace yourself! Don’t try to do too much, take your time and enjoy the scenery!

-Cover up and use sunscreen.  Wear UPF clothing and headwear.

-STAY HYDRATED! Know about the water where you are visiting and what is the best practices for drinking water

-Enjoy the local food, but avoid buffets if possible and if it doesn’t look clean, give it a second thought.  Make healthy food choices!

We want to thank our amazing vendors who supported this event by giving us great items to give away and share with everyone who attended: Fjall Raven, Pac Safe,Osprey,  Eagle Creek. PrAna, ExOfficio, Free Fly, Arcade Belts, and Smartwool.

We look forward to this travel season and helping our friends be comfortable in the outdoors!




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